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SECLUDE June 2017

Seclude is a full length visual album produced in VR by Atraverse, released in June 2017. Seclude brings to life the stories of five artists from different corners of the world. It explores the experiences, and the journey they took during moments of physical, emotional and psychological isolation. 

Over an eight month period, I️ oversaw all creative production from ideation to release. This included working closely with our lead producer to script, storyboard and manage the project. I️ then lead in the branding, distribution, marketing and physical launch party of the album. The theme of isolation weaved together all aspects of this project from the consumption of content to the design of a custom drink menu. My goal throughout this process was to capture the vision and motivations in our artists’ minds, and execute them cohesively across various media. 




Polina Cover final.jpg

POLINA ZIZAK August 2017

Polina Zizak is a Russian Pop and Soul singer recently signed to AWAL. For the release of an upcoming single, I️ worked with her and her management team on cultivating visual inspirations. I️ took her through several working sessions, and a creative boarding process which manifested into this single cover. 

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