The Impulsive Foot-Tap

For music lovers all over the world, it is difficult to put into words the euphoric experience of listening to the greatest artists of a generation. While the definition of great fluctuates depending on the era, certain artists, such as Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Beyoncé withstand the test of time, and are considered musical legends.

As humans, we have an innate response to music, which provides us more than just entertainment. It causes a physiological response. Lets call it the impulsive foot-tap. You know which one I’m talking about… …Hearing something that tickles the brain cells, thus causing the impulsive foot-tap subconsciously. I believe this response is what has kept us coming back to music for centuries, and is why there will always be a music industry.

In 1981, the creators of MTV understood the power of the impulsive foot-tap, and changed pop-culture forever. They paired together music and visuals, and for the first time broadcasted it in Technicolor. MTV popularized music videos in a way the world might not have been ready for, but embraced with open arms. This pairing reinforced the impulsive foot-tap, and brought to it a multi-sensory dimension. With this came two ways of experiencing groundbreaking art and what’s more, we could dance along to it. This shift pushed artists of the time to challenge their creativity, and experiment with new spaces to create. The results? Thriller
 Fast-forward almost 40 years, and we see truly innovative artists struggle to push the limits of a medium that has been around for nearly a century. By not advancing the medium, we are forcing superstars to carve masterpieces out of stone. It is time for a change. It is time to challenge artistic creativity, as well as the consumer’s understanding of music. Virtual Reality will do this.

Virtual Reality provides more than just high-tech visuals. Within its immersive nature, lies the true power of its innovation. By breaking the standards of filmmaking, creators can communicate to their audience in ways they never before imagined. Artists can have the new canvas they’ve been searching for. In experiencing the world an artist creates from the inside, audiences can see, feel, and impulsively foot-tap along to the very euphoric qualities that have always drawn us in. The results?


AtraVerse is a full service creative agency producing narrative driven virtual reality content for the Music Industry. We connect the pivotal players needed to create extraordinary audio-visual experiences. My business partner and I started this company because we saw the potential that virtual reality offered artists as a new medium of expression as well as a lack of creative exploration happening within it. We want to guide the players of this market through successful partnerships, in order to bring back the magic that happened when music videos were something new.

On June 23rd we will be launching the world’s first virtual reality visual compilation album. We will travel through the journey these three artists have taken during moments of isolation. We will reimagine what the impulsive foot-tap means in 2017. We will find out what we as humans share, during the moments we Seclude ourselves.

Join us.

Dav Abrams